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David Jewell Photography (DJP) was founded in 1981. From its inception, DJP has focused on building solid relationships with regional, national, and international clients by delivering creative images and exceptional service.

Here at David Jewell Photography we know that successful photography is all about careful selection of key viewpoints, patience in selecting the optimum time of day and sensitive use of supplementary lighting. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ products and needs, working bespokely to create images that meet their marketing needs.

Whatever your requirement, as an architect, marketing or construction professional you will know what makes a strong image. DJP will combine skill and experience, to produce winning images that will do justice to the vision, talent, and investment that went into your project, showcasing your work at its very best.

This website is an online portfolio. It exists to illustrate my capabilities as a professional photographer. Not only technically but as a showcase of the diversity of subject matter that is inherent in these images.

David Jewell will personally cater to your unique individual photography needs, no matter what they may be. Remember, photography is an art..